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Click on the links below to open documents relating to neighborhood bylaws, deed restrictions and proxy ballots.

Bylaws and Deed Restrictions

This document contains the latest version of the Stonewall Estates bylaws as ammended and approved by the members in December 2012.

This document contains the deed restrictions as created by the original developers and assigned to the board of directors by the developers in December 2012.

This document can be printed and used by members to name a proxy to cast votes for them in matters concerning Stonewall Estates.

Current officers:


President - Jeffrey W Shearer

Vice President - Karen Benson

Secretary - Jackie Johnson

Treasurer - Mary Jane Howell

Member-At-Large - Robert LaDeur

Landscape Committee:


Jim Lewis

Cindy Palka

Mary Ann McKinney, Chairperson

Social Committee: 


Jennie Lewis

Howard Miller

Brooke Bentley

Kim DeCoste, Chairperson

Stonewall Estates

 Neighborhood Association - Richmond Kentucky

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